Seattle Science Night
Drunken Science Shenanigans!


Frequently Asked Questions!

What should I expect at your shows?

Each show is a little different but in general, expect a high-energy event with a lot of enthusiastic people.  Things are generally pretty loud, with all sorts of hands-on experiments you can mess around with.  We also have some stage-acts where we demo bigger experiments up on stage for you.  But the bulk of the show is reserved for you to get your hands dirty (often quite literally).

Is this family/children appropriate?

In general, yes!  Children accompanied by guardians are allowed.  Do keep in mind that this is an event with alcohol and sometimes rowdy adults.  Very small children might get a bit overwhelmed by all the noise.  All of our hands-on experiments are kid-safe or attended by one of our volunteers to make sure no-one gets into trouble - please do make sure your kids are accompanied at all times though!

What kind of experiments do you have?

Why, that's a great question!  So good that we have an entire page devoted to it!  Check out the experiments page for details!

I can't afford [insert ticket price here], how can I attend your amazing show?

I'm glad you asked!  We always need volunteers to man the experiment tables and ticket counter as well as helping out around the show in general.  Click on the volunteer link to find out more!

Will I be doing actual real science?

You aren't going to be doing a whole lot of hypothesis, experimentation and repetition at these shows.  On the other hand, we're constantly working to try and make these shows as educational as possible (well as much education as you can absorb when you're a few beers to the wind).  We have explanatory posters for each experiment that explain the actual science behind each of them and our volunteers are trained to answer your questions.  This ain't no PhD program but we are genuinely passionate about science and education and making sure you leave just a little more knowledgeable than when you arrived while still having a great time.

This sounds like the greatest show on Earth!  How can my humble venue book you?

Another excellent question!  We are looking for venues all over the Seattle area.  We do have a few requirements:

  • The venue should be able to safely handle at least 200 standing audience members with 12-16 tables on the floor. (roughly card-table sized)

  • We need light and sound as well as some sort of raised stage.

  • We do make quite a bit of mess. We clean up very well at the end of shows but you're liable to have a bit of water, non-Newtonian fluid, salt and liquid nitrogen spilled in varying quantities on your floor. Please be OK with this!