Seattle Science Night
Drunken Science Shenanigans!


Volunteering at Science Night

Science night is a very labor-intensive show to run - each of our 12-16 experiment tables needs a volunteer to run it as well as answer audience questions throughout the show.  As a result, we're always looking for excited people to volunteer.  All volunteers get free admission to the show! 

We especially need people with some sort of science background that are passionate about teaching the science behind each of our experiments.  Our audience tends to be extremely curious and want to know how each of the experiments works.  We'll provide posters that help with the explanation but most of the explaining always comes from the person at the table.  If that sounds like something you would enjoy, you will love working the tables at the shows.

You don't need to be a scientist to be a volunteer!  We'll train you on how to run an experiment and also answer audience questions as long as you're willing to learn!  We also need people to help with ticketing at the door and to assist with some of the stage acts and other show duties if you don't feel confident answering science questions.

For those who can't make the show dates or would rather attend the show, we are constantly building new experiments.  This is quite labor-intensive.  If you have any experience with wood-working, metalworking, electronics, optics, chemistry, drawing, painting, graphics design or are generally handy, please contact us.  If you help us outside of the shows with experiment construction or making instructional materials, you'll get a free pass to a show.

show Volunteering requirements:

  • Be capable of showing up at least an hour before the start of the show to help with setup and to get instructions on how to run your table(s).

  • Be able to stay through most or all of the show. Some of our experiments aren't safe to leave unattended. We always try to keep a few extra volunteers and staff available to swap out with volunteers so they can take breaks and enjoy the show themselves. But you can't leave your station unattended for safety reasons! We also need a lot of help with post-show cleanup, so extra hands are always welcome then.

  • Be excited about science! We have positions such as ticket checkers but most of our volunteer staff is busy explaining the science behind our experiments to curious people. If you don't have that knowledge, we can train you, but you have to be excited about teaching people!